Filtration plants, filter elements for water, vodka, beer, medical drugs purification
“Technofilter-Ukraine” Company supplies a wide range of equipment and filtration materials. The application of filtration systems is as follows: rough purification (mechanical impurity purification), fine (presterilization) purification, sterile filtration (e.g., wine filtration at cold process bottlery), sorption filtration, “polishing” (lustering) of alcoholic beverage products. Any liquid, air or gas compatible with material of filter element can serve as a filtrate (e.g., aqueous-alcoholic mixture (alcohol-water mixture), wine, beer, water, juice, syrup, oil, medical drugs, air and steam. We are a serious company and consider services as an integral part of each delivery of filtration equipment and consumables.



New article “To the Platinum Filtration Issue” written by the head of the UkrNIIspirtbioprod laboratory has been added on the site. Introduction: currently, the selection and use of qualitative and effective sorbents for processing aqueous-alcoholic mixtures remains to be one of the most important questions in the alcoholic beverage production. At vodka production, organoleptic evaluation of a beverage depends on how properly the sorbent is used, how successfully purification mode is set and, of course, what sorption material is used for processing aqueous-alcoholic mixture.

New filter element in the company’s price-list. The EPM.F4 membrane filter elements of cartridge type based on polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) are used for sterilization filtration of air and gas. Filtration membrane has specific structure with the result that the cartridge has good filtration characteristics comparable with the best world analogues: flow rate at low resistance, extended contaminant capacity and service life.

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"Technofilter-Ukraine" Company provides ready-made liquid, air and gas purification systems. Mostly, industrial purification and filtration systems are widely applicable for the food, medical and chemical industry. The main application of the filtration system is preliminary (rough), fine, sterilization and brightening filtration. Filtration of any liquid or gas compatible with the material of filter elements is permissible.

Membrane filter elementsMembrane filter elements
Membrane filters are a flat disc of white colour. Field of their use: industry and laboratory filtration as well as for carrying out microbiological, sanitary-hygienic and physicochemical analyses. The main membrane application is fine and sterilization filtration of liquids, air and gases.

Capsule filter elements Capsule filter elements
These are complete one-piece filters prepared for use. They are mini-cartridges sealed in the polypropylene holders. Capsules are used for fast and effective filtration of small volume liquids and gases. Meanwhile, the use of capsules is cost-effective because there is no need to purchase a filter holder. The rinsing and subsequent autoclaving feature allows to reuse capsule filter up to the complete exhaustion of service life of the whole filtration surface.

Cartridge filter elements (cartridges)Cartridge filter elements (cartridges)
These are the most widespread filter design type. This is the largest part of our company's assortment. The standard filtration cartridge of LLC NPP “Technofilter” is a cylinder 70 mm in diameter and 250 mm in height. The filtering material layers are inserted between interior and exterior perforated polypropylene housing. By means of the heat sealing technique, filter elements are produced with a height of 500, 750, 1000 mm on the basis of the standard cartridge. In this case the filtration area of one element with compact dimensions makes up to several square meters.

Filter holders  Filter holders
They are intended for mounting cartridge filter elements into them and liquid and gaseous medium filtration process arrangement. Both one-cartridge and multi-cartridge filter holders are manufactured. The selection of filter holders depends on the filtering medium volume. All filter holders are certified, have Sanitary & Epidemiological Station expert findings and accepted to apply to the medical and food industry.

Filtration plant Filtration plant
NPP "Technofilter" produces one- and multi-cartridge filter holder based plants designed for different performance - 0.5 to 10.0 m3/h and more. All filtration plants have compact size, are easy to transport, simple to operate. They may be mounted on a frame or a travel carriage in a fixed manner on-site. Each filtration plant comprises several filter units, it is fully packaged (pumping unit, instrumentation and lock valves, tubing, etc.) and ready for service.

The Technofilter products are used at more than 200 enterprises of Ukraine and Moldova. Well-known trade marks are present among the company’s customers. One of the main advantages of our company’s products is the cost of the equipment - even small enterprises can afford it.

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